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The Off Broadway Theatre

Special thanks to Utah County Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP), the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, the Fang Family Foundation, and all the individual donors and friends who gave through the Network for Good on Facebook Birthday Campaigns, as well as to the Draper Historic Theatre Board. Because of you, the OBT continues to bring the gift of laughter in 2021!

The Off Broadway Theatre Company proudly presents:

The Phantom of the OBT


Executive Producers: Sandy Hubble Jensen & Eric R. Jensen
Playwright: Eric R. Jensen
Director: Jake Andersen
Musical Director: Nikki North
Lyricist: Eric R. Jensen
Producers: Jim Morgan and Liz Halloran
Choreographer: Jake Andersen
Stage Manager: Erin Orr
Set Designers: Eric R. Jensen, Rob Reins, and James Nelson
Costumer: Angela Newman Day
Sound & Light Tech: Rob Reins
Musical Arrangements and Compositions: Dave Cooke
Music and Sound Effects: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins
Digital Backdrop Projection Design: Rob Reins
Musical Recordings: Rob Reins
Prop Designers: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins
Website: Dan Gillette, Nic Brown, and Sandy Jensen
Playbill: Nic Brown, Sandy Jensen, and Jeff Driggs
Poster & Photos: Nic Brown

Box Office: Sandy Hubble Jensen, Nola Camaliche, Megan Leonard, and Thelma Rother

Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Leonard

Front-of-House Leads: Ed Rother, Thelma Rother, Wendy Gilbertson, and Lindsay Simons

Front-of-House Volunteers: Megan Leonard, Lindsay Simons, Lee Wailes, Rachel Hunsaker, Marlo Anderson, Jeannie Southwick, Roman Southwick, Sasha Southwick, Liz and Bob Halloran, Brescia Hansen, and Jeff Driggs


Jake Andersen: Director

In 1988 The Phantom of the Opera hit the Broadway stage and took the world by storm, changing and challenging musical theatre forever. The romance, adventure, mystery, and pageantry entrance us all and take us into a bygone era and emotional and psychological journey. 

While it is a classic, Eric Jensen has expertly crafted a sharp, solid, and witty comedic sendup. It’s no mystery why it has been an OBT audience favorite since it was first performed more than 15 years ago. I remember seeing the original cast performing The Phantom of the OBT and laughing so hard I cried. It’s that good! I begged to direct this show.

Thank you to this sharp, hard-working, and talented cast and crew. Thank you for bringing us light and laughter. Thank you to the OBT, Rob, Erin, Nickki, Angie, and, of course, Eric and Sandy. 

As we start to see a light at the end of this pandemic tunnel, may we remember to live simply, love deeply, and laugh often. The OBT has been bringing us family-friendly comedy for more than 25 years, and not even a Phantom can stop them. Enjoy the show!

Coming Soon!

June 4 – June 26

Ethan Hoffman and Josh Astle as The Phantom

Anna Peacock and Kyra Chantel Furman as Christine Dah-ay

Robert Roake and Jeffrey North as Raoul Marriott

Chareese Carter Johnson and Olivia Rae Casper as Madame Carlotta

Angela Newman Day and Lorrinda Christensen as Betty Hart

Eric R. Jensen as Reginald St. Reginald

Ryan Bullock as Joseph Buquet/The Hobo

Denise Adams as Madame Giry

Abby Shelley and Madison Moretti Astle as Meg

Jake Andersen as Understudy


Sc. 1: Backstage
Sc. 2: Dressing Room
Sc. 3: Phantom’s Lair
Sc. 4: Dressing Room
Sc. 5: Backstage

15-min Intermission

Sc. 1: Backstage
Sc. 2: Cemetery
Sc. 3: Don Juan Casanova
Sc. 4: Phantom’s Lair


Think Comedy Upbeat
Think Comedy Ballad
Don’tcha Love
The Phantom of The OBT is Here
School Days
Don’tcha Love Reprise
We Sing You and I

Mask Your Face
Mask Your Face Reprise
Choose The Phantom
Don’tcha Love—Choose the Phantom Reprise
Don Juan Casanova

Now Playing!

Saturdays @ 10 PM at the Draper Historic Theatre


Denise Adams as Madame Giry

Denise is excited to be working with the Off Broadway Theatre for the first time! And very excited to play the strange and humorous character of Madame Giry! Denise has done theatre since she was 10 and loves the joy it brings to herself and also the community. Denise has been married to Stuart for 37 years, is the mother of five children, and so far has five wonderful grandchildren!

Jake Andersen as Understudy

Jake has been active in theatre for the past 30 years in many capacities. Some past shows he’s directed include The King & I, Rent, The Three Musketeers, Thoroughly Modern Millie andhere at OBTMuffet’s Christmas Carol. He thanks the OBT for this opportunity.

Josh Astle as The Phantom

Josh is happy to be in this show, in his first full role with the OBT. He has been involved in theater for 10 years now. If you haven’t seen him before, he will be masked for obvious reasons…you can choose what those reasons are.

Madison Moretti Astle as Meg Giry

Madison Moretti is a stage and film actress who has been performing since the age of three. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in music performance at Weber State University and is currently earning a Performing Arts Certificate through NYU-Tisch. Some of her favorite roles she has played include Jessie from The White Room of My Remembrance, Ida from See How They Run, and Urleen from Footloose.

Ryan Bullock as Joseph Buquet and The Hobo

Ryan is excited to play Buquet and Hobo. He has been in one other show with the Off Broadway Theatre and is excited to perform with them again. He has been in 20 shows prior to this one and has enjoyed all of them. He loves helping people to escape reality for a time and enjoy a live performance.

Olivia Rae Casper as Madame Carlotta

This is Olivia’s first show at OBT and she couldn’t be more excited! She received her BFA in musical theater from UVU during a pandemic. Some of her favorite roles include Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie, Rosalind in As You Like It, and Masha in The Seagull. Enjoy the show!

Lorrinda Christensen as Betty Hart

Lorrinda has been a part of many performances on the Draper Historic Theatre stage and others and is excited to do her second show with the Off Broadway Theatre. She is excited for this opportunity to try something new and different, to share the stage with this extremely talented and hilarious cast, and to do another show with her best friend.

Coda as Coda

Coda is just a sweetheart who goes along with whatever Angie Day asks him to do, and he always steals the show. He’s one of the first narcolepsy service dogs in the world! The OBT is happy to have Coda debut his talent, and he’s happy to support his gal Angie!

Angela Newman Day as Betty Hart

Angie Day is a fantasy author and costume hobbyist, who has been involved in theater since she was young (a looong time ago). This is her first experience with the Off Broadway Theatre.

Kyra Chantel Furman as Christine Dah-ay

Lights. Glamour. Kyra. William Shakespeare might be The Bard but the woman he envisioned is enshrined in Kyra Furman. Trained diva, she recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s in vocal performance. She was recently cast at Hale Centre Theatre as Flora in Phantom and at OBT as Kettlesworth in Cutie and the Beast. Popsicle addict, nap enthusiast, and cat mom, you can be certain that this is not the last time you’ll see her in the limelight.

Ethan Hoffman as The Phantom

I’ve been so excited to perform in my first show here at the OBT. I spend most of my free time hanging out with my wife, Anna, and our weird dog. I’ve had so much fun getting to know everyone and working with some seriously talented people. Thanks for the opportunityhope everyone enjoys the show!

Eric Jensen as Reginald St. Reginald

Eric has been doing plays since 1989, starting at the Desert Star Playhouse and the Hale Centre Theatre. He co-founded and operated with his lovely wife the Off Broadway Theatre for more than 25 years in downtown Salt Lake City. He has written more than 40 plays, including farces, Shakespeare parodies, and straight comedies, and his shows have been performed all over the state as well as in different parts of the country. He hopes you enjoy this little treasure of his, The Phantom of the OBT, tonight!

Chareese Carter Johnson as Madame Carlotta

This is Chareese’s first show with the Off Broadway Theatre but her second show here at DHT. She is excited to join such a talented cast. Such a great script and how hard it is trying to keep a straight face with Eric, he’s hilarious. Thanks, Jake, for being the best director ever, and thanks to OBT for such a fantastic show. Thanks to my family for their support. I love you and this cast rocks.

Jeffrey North as  Raoul Marriott

Jeff is very excited to return to the OBT!!! Jeff performed as Grouch in December and had such a good time he had to return! Jeff has performed in Midvale in a number of shows and loves being on stage!

Anna Peacock as Christine Dah-ay

An OBT newcomer, Anna recently played Millie in Hopebox Theatre’s production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Some of her favorite roles include Ellie and Hannah in Freaky Friday, Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, Marian in The Music Man, and Naomi in 21 Chump Street. Anna has performed at the Hale Centre, Eccles, and Rose Wagner Theatres, and was nominated for best actress in Utah at the UHSMTA in 2019. She enjoys performing with her husband, Ethan, hanging out with her weird dog, Winnie, and using her Xbox game pass. Anna works with crazy people, both within the OBT and at her job as a 911 dispatcher, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Robert Roake as Raoul Marriott

Rob is relatively new to professional acting but has been accused of acting his entire life. When he is not helping his girlfriend raise their 12-year-old son and various pets, he is a musician, artist, and video producer. When he grows up, he wants to be Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Abby Shelley as Meg Giry

This will be Abby’s third show with the OBT, and she plans on doing a lot more. You may have recently seen her as Daphne in The Littlest Mermaid and will see her in the future as Little Red Riding Hood in Into The Woods with her school. Abby thanks her mom for always being there and supporting her through her dreams. Enjoy the show!

BIOS (Stage Crew)

Nikki North – Musical Director

Nikki is a lover of all things performing and music, and loves being onstage and helping offstage. She studied music and musical pedagogy at UCF and has sung with the Orlando Opera, at Carnegie Hall, and in countless plays. She’s fully enjoyed this silly and dramatic music!

Erin Orr – Stage Manager

Erin has been with the OBT for about 12 years now and is always excited to be a part of the shows in any way. Normally, you would see her in the booth running lights and sound, or sometimes on the stage, but for this show she is showcasing what an amazing stage manager she is with her organizational skills.

Rob Reins – Sound Tech

Rob has been with the OBT going on nine years now. He started out working with our artistic director, Eric Jensen, on set design, building, and scenic painting. After being asked quite a few times by Eric, Rob decided to give sound and lights tech a try, and after plenty of mistakes and on-the-job training, he has come back to sit behind the board again for this show. He is multi-talented and shares those talents in our props and set designs. Rob has his BFA in painting from the University of Wisconsin and loves to volunteer his time here at the OBT as well as at other local art venues.


Want to volunteer? We need you! Be a part of the OBT family!

Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Box office services
  • Costume design
  • Concessions help
  • Marketing
  • Set design/building
  • Stage managers
  • Sound and light techs
  • Ushers

Send an email to obt1994@hotmail.com


Bing Fang, trustee and chair
Janet Gonzalez, trustee, secretary, and vice chair

Jim Morgan, trustee and past chair
Jeff Driggs, trustee
Liz Halloran, trustee
Sandy Hubble Jensen,
Clarence Strohn, trustee


Eric R. Jensen, Co-Founder / Artistic & Technical Director
Sandy Hubble Jensen, Co-Founder / Executive Director
Bing Fang, Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Hicks, Treasurer
Megan Leonard, Volunteer Coordinator


Aaron Bellis, consultant
Nic Brown, consultant
Austinn Jensen, consultant
Scott Hansen, consultant
Jeff Hunsaker, consultant
Daniel Gillette, consultant


Eric and Sandy are co-founders of the Off Broadway Theatre and Laughing Stock improv comedy troupe. They have worked closely over the past 26 years, dedicating much of their time to building and growing the Off Broadway Theatre.  They have been married for 30 years and have one son, Austinn, who has grown up acting in numerous OBT and other productions.

Eric, the artistic and technical director for the OBT, grew up in Murray, Utah. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater arts at the University of Utah and his master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Phoenix. As executive producer and lead playwright, director, set designer, costumer, actor, and improviser, he guides many aspiring talents at the OBT.  He teaches improv classes while mentoring up-and-coming playwrights, directors, stage managers, and set designers. His acting, writing, and directing experience has also been featured at Desert Star, Centre Point Legacy, Hale (both Orem and West Valley), and Egyptian theaters. He has taught and performed high school workshops and elementary school assemblies, as well as for some after school programs. Eric also teaches K – 6 as a fine arts specialist  in the Davis School District, inspiring children to love theatre, music, dance, and all things art. Under Eric’s leadership, OBT won the Best Community Theatre award from the Utah Theatre Association in 2000, recognizing the quality of the theatre and Eric’s work with high schools and the community.

Sandy serves as the executive director of the theatre, as well as executive producer, box office manager, and social media specialist, with more than 30 years of experience in small business management. She has an extensive acting background, including the OBT, Hale Centre Theatre WVC, The Grand Theatre, Sundance Theatre, Salt Lake Acting Company, Pages Lane, and Stage Right Theater. Sandy continues to work tirelessly to grow volunteer opportunities at the OBT. She was born in Vietnam and has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with endorsements in ESL, STEM, and Gifted. She teaches 1st grade in the Davis School District. She has earned two Presidential Awards for Volunteering and has been recognized in Who’s Who of America.   

The Off Broadway Theatre has been said to have a feel of “family,” and that’s because it is. Eric and Sandy’s mission has always been to provide a place where people can come together and make laughter ring true and provide a safe place to hone skills and develop friendships. Through the art of live performances, the theatre has reached many new friends, and its charitable outreach program has provided wonderful opportunities to serve our community. 

Eric and Sandy also co-founded Laughing Stock Improv and have performed together on the OBT stage as well as at corporate and  school events. Currently, Eric still performs with the troupe, now performing at our new home in Draper. They are proud to have such a long-running improv show with some amazingly talented improvisers who have been with the company for a long time.

Thank you for your many years of support and patronage at the downtown location, and for following us here to Draper. Please continue to donate to help us forge another 25+ years of spreading laughter in Utah! Go to www.theOBT.org to donate today.