2016 Season

Star Ward
January 15th – February 20th

The “space western” genre goes Utahn. In this sci-fi parody, Luke must rescue his sister, Princess Leia, who has been kidnapped by Darth Sinner. He sets out with his faithful droids, CTR-2 and MTC-PO, to find the princess and make the universe safe. During the course of this knee-slapping adventure they meet fantastic characters like Brigham-one Kenobi, Wilford Wookie, Java the Cup, and their adversary, the evil Emperor-like character who is so old he needs to use an Imperial Walker. This hilarious space farce is a must-see for you and your family. Once you see it, it will stay with you forever. And in this way, “May the Farce be with you!”


Greece is the Word

March 11th – April 16th

This hilarious spoof of the 50s musical, Grease, takes place in ancient Greece. When a bunch of Greek teenagers get challenged to a drag race from a rival Roman gang, they raise money for the nicest chariot imaginable, by writing a new Greek musical called Oedipus. But they can only afford a chariot fixer-upper. Will they win the drag race? Only if they gain favor with the Greek gods Apollo and Hera. The kids will love it! And maybe even learn something about Greek mythology, too! . . . Nah.


Ivanhoe Knight Fever

April 29th – June 4th

Ivanhoe, one of King Arthur’s lesser-known knights, has returned from battle to marry his true love. But Normans have invaded and threatened to pillage and plunder and to abscond with the females of the land. If Ivanhoe can humiliate the Norman knights by defeating them at a jousting tournament, they’ll leave peacefully . . . or will they? This fantastically funny parody features great action, adventure, and plenty of medieval disco musical numbers.


Pirates of Penzance

June 17th – July 23rd

What’s this? The OBT going classical? Yes! But only in classic OBT style. This version of Gilbert and Sullivan’s magical operetta will be the funniest version you’ll ever see. In the story, Frederick leaves his beloved pirates (who are too tender-hearted for their own good) to seek the face of a beautiful maiden. He finds his would-be lover, Mabel, among several daughters of the major general. When the crew of pirates finds out that there are beautiful young ladies in the vicinity, they come ashore and pursue them fervently. Will the major general lose his daughters? Perhaps, but only in the most hysterical chase scene you’ve ever seen. It’s perfect for adults and children.



August 5th – September 10th

Transmorfers: Mormon Meets the Eye. Do you like great action adventure? How about trans-morphing robots? Well, what about evil, villainous robots that want to take over the earth? Wait a second, forget about that last one. In this amazing parody of the ever-so-popular Michael Bay films, Stan and his Auto-bot friends Buzzer bee and Optimal-prime help protect him from the evil clutches of Meglatron, the humongous robot of cold steel and nefarious intentions. While this may seem like fun for only the kids, we guarantee parents and grandparents will love the hilarious story and the clever jokes scattered throughout. An absolute must-see for the last days of summer.


Drac-Man vs. Superiorman

September 23rd – October 29th

Drac-Man versus Superiorman? Is it possible? Could we really be doing yet another Dracula vs. show? Could we really be bringing in the most pious of all superheroes to face the most wicked, villainous, vile, bloodsucker of all time? Oh yes, and this one could prove to be the greatest of all time! Count Dracula and intends to take over the world unless the man of steel can find a way to use his superhuman powers to thwart him. This parody will feature plenty of sight gags, great wordplay, and some of the most hilarious scenes you’ll see on stage. What a great alternative to haunted houses or Halloween parties. It’s frighteningly funny and absolutely fantastic.


Miracle on 3rd and Main

November 18th – December 24th

3rd and Main? Why, isn’t that the address of the Off Broadway Theatre? Close enough, we’re just Off Broadway and that’s where you should go this Christmas to see one of the funniest holiday productions of the season. This parody of Miracle on 34th Street pits two evil theater owners against jolly old Saint Nick. They believe he is insane and needs to be put away. Luckily, Santa has some friends who want to prove his identity through a lawsuit. However, one little girl is not completely convinced that Father Christmas could really exist. Come experience the magic that is Christmas and Santa Claus, and we may just make a believer out of you.

Laughing Stock Improv Comedy

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