Improv & Acting Classes

Please fill out this  form prior to the improv classes if  you are interested.  
Interested in taking short form improv class for the humor impaired? Learn to play basic collaborative improv games, developing your effectiveness to improvise in the moment, at work, school or play. You will develop character, collaboration and comedy as a team player.

1st week we will work on Character, allowing people to come out of their shells and feel comfortable with other improv actors.

2nd week focuses on Collaboration, learning to cooperate with other actors in the class, learning how to lead and follow.

3rd week works on Comedy, learning to sharpen your joke-telling skills and focus on how to make scenes more comical.

4th & 5th weeks focus on Plot-Intensive and Cue-Intensive games.

6th week focuses on more specialized games and rehearsal for showcasing your talents.

7th week is the recital to showcase what you’ve learned to friends and family!

Your skill level will vary, but as you gain knowledge of all areas above, you can advance and learn more by taking an advance class later if there’s enough interest and students to focus on: detail work on character, collaboration, comedy, and chemistry. Develop a strong “yes and” mentality and work on developing voice, movement, impersonations, playing a musical instrument, singing, etc. (what strengths or talents you possess.)

Eric R. Jensen, a well versed actor, and OBT’s Co-Founder and Artistic Director, with over 30 years of acting is offering his knowledge and talents as an instructor for improv classes that goes for six weeks. Classes are held on Saturday at the Box Theatre from 2 – 4 PM.

February 29 – April 11, 2020 (1st Session)
More Sessions coming soon TBA

Saturdays from 2 – 4 PM.

Classes held at the Gateway in The Box at 124 S. 400 W. SLC, UT 84101.

Class runs  for seven weeks and we have orientation on the first week! Cost is  $200  due on the first day of orientation. If you bring a friend to sign up, you will receive a $25 discount!!

As a bonus for registering for his improv classes, you will receive 4 Complimentary passes to see any improv show or play produced by The Off Broadway Theatre in our 2020 Season.

Classes will be held once we have 10 or more students signed up. Payment arrangements can be made with Sandy Jensen. Call her to sign up at 801.455.0954 and fill out this form to be contacted, Thanks!


Improv Workshops

Need to fine tune your speaking and presenting skills, want to improve team workability and engage your team, group, company, or just yourself when working with the public? We offer a team building improv workshop which provides fun and engaging techniques, skits, games and strategies that you can apply either in your personal lives of in the workplace. Contact us and tell us your needs and we see if these workshops will work for you.

Children’s Acting Camp

***We are holding half-days acting camp July 2nd through July 13th, 2018 from 9 AM to noon!***

Have you ever wanted your child to learn a little about theater and have fun doing it? The Off Broadway Theatre is proud to present our first-ever acting camp! Your child will learn how to act, sing, dance, as well as how to make props and costumes.

Acting will be taught by our artistic director, Eric Jensen who has over 30 years of experience both on and off stage. His career has been on radio, television, film and live stage. Eric has a masters degree in secondary education from the University of Phoenix and a BA in Theater Arts from the University of Utah. He has worked with children from summer camps at Hale Centre Theatre, Pages Lane Theatre, and many others as well as after school programs. This man has 30 plus years in comedy and knows how to bring the best out of children. Hey, he’s a child at heart and loves collaborating and making people laugh. He wants to share his talent and knowledge with your child!

Voice will be taught by Samantha Wursten, a classically trained singer with a passion for Musical Theatre! She studied music on vocal scholarship at Weber State University and received a music minor. She has had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented vocalists and professors the state has to offer. Samantha believes in healthy singing that will last you a lifetime. She has performed across the Wasatch Front in many leading roles and has loved directing youth and adult choirs over the years.

Choreography is taught by Kristina Wilson who is a mom with an AAS in Theatre for young audiences with a focus on creative drama. She has done several internships; one as an actor for “Old Minors Play Wright Competition” in developing new works in children’s theatre and one with UVU’s drama camp, teaching creative drama, makeup, and technical theatre. She’s studied script writing, theatrical design, acting, and literature.

A recital is held on the last day of each camp where tickets are $1.00 ONLY. Come support these amazing kids and enjoy their hard work! Tickets are available at the Door ONLY on the day of the recital. Concessions will be available to purchases as well as our Summer Program T-Shirts!

  • Two-week camp: July 2 to July 13 (July 4th off)
  • Time: 9 AM to Noon, Monday through Friday
  • Ages: 6 to 16 years old
  • Cost: $150 per child (additional siblings you get a discount $25 OFF)
  • Includes: Daily snacks and a T-shirt
  • Located: The Off Broadway Theatre: 272 S. Main St. SLC, UT 84101

Call 801.455.0954 or email for more details or  questions. A daily schedule will be provided on the first day.