*** The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.***


Eric Jensen Director’s Note:

Robyn Hood has played in parks, theaters, schools, and all over the state. This production marks the inaugural performance of Robyn Hood at the Draper Historic Playhouse, Off Broadway Theatre’s new home. And it is a long time coming. 

Eric wrote this show with Bob Bedore, who plays the Sheriff of Nottingham, many years ago. One evening, the two of us wanted to write a mixture of a classic Errol Flynn mixed with Monty Python, with a lot of marvelous slapstick mixed in as well. Eric is thrilled to have been able to have this talented cast to work with. Their comedic chops make rehearsals filled with laughter. Everywhere we perform it, it is one of the crowd’s favorites shows. And we hope it is for you tonight as well. Sit back and relax, and let us hit the mark (or rather the bull’s-eye, as it were) with Robyn Hood. 


Bob Bedore as Sheriff of Nottingham 

Bob can’t believe that this first show he wrote with Eric 30 years ago still makes him and audiences laugh! He has appeared on many of Utah’s stages in more than 150 different productions. Bob enjoys his family time, writing, joking with his comedy troupe (Quick Wits), and occasionally giving weather reports on ABC4. Thanks for supporting live theater! 

Jennifer Crabb as Lady Clydesdale 

Jen is excited to be back at OBT, in her favorite role in one of her favorite shows!! This show is a little different every night, which makes it a fantastic adventure and keeps the cast on their toes! Other favorite roles include Amazing Mayzie in Seussical, Reverend Mother in Nunsense, Lottie in Murder Room, and Carmen in Curtains. She’s grateful for her very supportive family who have seen this show many times and keep coming back for more!! 

Monte Garcia as Sheik Hugh Boote 

Monte has been performing with the Off Broadway Theatre for many many years now. He has been in Sort of The Rings, Grease is The Word, and others, and he is happy to reprise his role as the Sheik in this 2023 version of Robyn Hood. This time he is thrilled to bring more life, jokes, and nuances to this amazing character. You may have seen Monty in several productions across the Wasatch Front, not only with OBT, but also West Valley City Arts, Hale Centre Theatre, and many others. Monte thanks his loving and supportive wife, Jen, for her many years of support. 

Ane Genessy as Lady Ackbar 

Ane has flung aside her costume mom days for the main stage spotlight! This is her first show with OBT. She hasn’t laughed so hard as she has with this legendary cast, and she has LOVED this experience. She hopes to do more shows with OBT in the future. She is grateful to her husband and their kids for all the love and support (including Brady who is in this show, too!). She thanks OBT for this awesome opportunity; she thanks you for coming out and hopes you enjoy the show! 

Brady Genessy as Will Scarlett 

Brady Genessy is an aspiring actor. Even though he’s done it for so long, he feels like he’s never been on stage before: every show brings him joy and fear wrapped in a burrito-like experience. Working on a theatre degree at good ol’ SLCC, Brady hopes to find joy as a performer the rest of his life. He is excited that his family loves and supports him in his endeavors. Thank you for coming to the show. We hope you all laugh your tails off and enjoy the show! 

Ed Gilmore as Sheriff of Nottingham 

Ed is excited to be back performing Robyn Hood with old and new friends. He has also had fun performing with OBT previously in Hamleton and Frightmare Before Christmas and has learned so much from his director and castmates. He has spent years supporting his daughters in different school and community shows and is happy that the shoe is on the other foot. Plus, he has the best English accent out of the whole cast. Thanks for the support from Cathy, Emma, Spencer, Beth, Jane, and Charlotte. 

Jay Hutchings as Will Scarlett 

Jay is an aspiring voice actor for animation and games. He mostly enjoys making people laugh, which is why he’s been a lover and supporter of the OBT for years. Jay joined OBT as a volunteer when he was 14 and has grown up watching the shows with the friends he’s made here. He is excited to be performing in his third show with the OBT. He was previously seen in Jurassic Park City and in Eric Jensen’s Charlie’s Aunt. 

Eric Jensen as Sir Guy 

Eric Jensen has been doing shows at the Off Broadway Theatre since 1994, and Sir Guy of Gisborne is one of his favorite characters of all time. In this portrayal, he gets to play the dumbest of the dumb, the most foolish of fools, the dopiest of dopes, and that’s the way he likes it. Eric has directed many shows for OBT and other theatres along the Wasatch Front. As one of the co-founders with his wife, Sandy, they run the day-to-day business of the theatre and consider it a labor of love. When not performing, Eric is happily teaching music to Woods Cross Elementary kids or enjoying time with his son, Austinn Jensen. 

Chris Kennedy as Robyn Hood 

Chris is excited to be back again as one of his favorite characters and back on the OBT stage. Other favorite shows are Daddy Long Legs, Mamma Mia, Scarlet Pimpernel, and The Fantasticks. He thanks his wonderful family and friends for their support, and all of you for coming out to see this hilarious show. 

Jonas MacDonald as Child 

Jonas is excited to make his cameo as the forest child in this production. He loves to do things with his Dad, and the OBT enjoys children who love to laugh, play, and entertain. He hopes you have as much fun watching the show as he has watching his dad be in it! 

Scott MacDonald as Friar Tuck 

Scott believes that theater embiggens the soul of the smallest man. He is excited to be playing Friar Tuck in this production with such an amazing top-to-bottom talented cast. In the past, Scott has played multitudinous roles, including maniacal bad guys, endearing hobos, and dashing heroes. When not theater-ing, Scott likes to bike, ski, big-wheel, and talk in the third person, and is grateful for the support of his son, Jonas, his girlfriend, Jill, and his friends and family. 

Logan Rogan as Sheriff of Nottingham  

Logan has performed on the OBT stage ever since he was a teenager. He’s a veteran member of our improv troupe, Laughing Stock, currently performing with them almost every Saturday nights. It’s been awhile since he’s done a play, but he’s happy to return to live stage. You might recognize him from various locally filmed commercials and company training videos.

Jillene Stark as Peasant Woman 

It has been far too long since Jill has been able to perform with the OBT. It is nice to be reprising her peasant woman role, because she is slowly creeping towards being “old,” as small children love to remind her. She has been performing since she can remember and put on shows for her family even when they asked her not to. She loves the opportunity to be involved with such a talented group of individuals, both old and new. Thank you to my friends/family who always show up in all ways. A special thanks to Scott and Jonas for always joining in adventures and make believe! 

Clarence Strohn as Little John 

He has returned. Clarence loves comedy. So much so, he is back on the OBT stage, reprising one of his most favorite roles in one of his most favorite shows. Clarence has no doubt delighted you as a villain, hero, or insane side-kick, in years past. He hopes to do the same tonight. He’s got a whole tribe of people, some close, some far away, who love, support, and depend on him. 

Tanya Walton as Lady Ackbar 

Tanya has been with the OBT off and on since 2011, and it’s always an adventure! Some favorite shows include Charlie’s Aunt, YLight, and Sort of the Rings. Tanya has been onstage since she was small, and she feels very privileged to be able to continue with her passion for acting. She is eternally grateful for the home and lifelong family that the OBT provides. Huge thanks to husband Joe and daughter Grace for letting her out to play! 

Alisa Woodbrey as Maid Marion 

Alisa loves performing and has done so all over the Wasatch Front. Some of her favorite stage credits include Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Truly Scrumptious), How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (Rosemary), and Sister Act (Mother Superior). During the day she uses her MBA to manage Woodbrey Family Travel, which she owns with her husband. Thanks to my family for always coming to my shows! 


Lee Wailes – Stage Manager 

Lee is a huge staple at the OBT with his stage management. He’s ecstatic to be stage managing this show again! He’s pleased to be working with some familiar faces as well as with new ones and hopes you enjoy the show as much as he does! 

Viveann Godwin – Sound & Light Tech 

Viveann is excited to tech her first production with the OBT. You may have seen her in the Christmas production of Frightmare Before Christmas as Frankie’s Bride and as Crocky in Peter and the Pirates, as well as Dr. Hamblin in Jurassic Park City. 

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Eric and Sandy are co-founders of the Off Broadway Theatre and Laughing Stock improv comedy troupe. They have worked closely over the past 26 years, dedicating much of their time to building and growing the Off Broadway Theatre. They have been married for 30 years and have one son, Austinn, who has grown up acting in numerous OBT and other productions.

Eric, the artistic and technical director for the OBT, grew up in Murray, Utah. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater arts at the University of Utah and his master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Phoenix. As executive producer and lead playwright, director, set designer, costumer, actor, and improviser, he guides many aspiring talents at the OBT. He teaches improv classes while mentoring up-and-coming playwrights, directors, stage managers, and set designers. His acting, writing, and directing experience has also been featured at Desert Star, Centre Point Legacy, Hale (both Orem and West Valley), and Egyptian theaters. He has taught and performed high school workshops and elementary school assemblies, as well as for some after school programs. Eric also teaches K – 6 as a fine arts specialist  in the Davis School District, inspiring children to love theatre, music, dance, and all things art. Under Eric’s leadership, OBT won the Best Community Theatre award from the Utah Theatre Association in 2000, recognizing the quality of the theatre and Eric’s work with high schools and the community.

Sandy serves as the executive director of the theatre, as well as executive producer, box office manager, and social media specialist, with more than 30 years of experience in small business management. She has an extensive acting background, including the OBT, Hale Centre Theatre WVC, The Grand Theatre, Sundance Theatre, Salt Lake Acting Company, Pages Lane, and Stage Right Theater. Sandy continues to work tirelessly to grow volunteer opportunities at the OBT. She was born in Vietnam and has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with endorsements in ESL, STEM, and Gifted. She teaches 1st grade in the Davis School District. She has earned two Presidential Awards for Volunteering and has been recognized in Who’s Who of America.   

The Off Broadway Theatre has been said to have a feel of “family,” and that’s because it is. Eric and Sandy’s mission has always been to provide a place where people can come together and make laughter ring true and provide a safe place to hone skills and develop friendships. Through the art of live performances, the theatre has reached many new friends, and its charitable outreach program has provided wonderful opportunities to serve our community. 

Eric and Sandy also co-founded Laughing Stock Improv and have performed together on the OBT stage as well as at corporate and  school events. They are proud to have such a long-running improv show with some amazingly talented improvisers who have been with the company for a long time.

Thank you for your many years of support and patronage at the Salt Lake downtown location, and for following us here to Draper. Please continue to donate to help us forge another 25+ years of spreading laughter in Utah! Go to www.theOBT.org to donate today.