*** The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.***

The Off Broadway Theatre Company proudly presents:

Peta Pun and the Pirates


Executive Producers: Sandy Hubble Jensen & Eric R. Jensen

Producer: Jeff Driggs

Playwright: Eric R. Jensen

Director: Tonya Aikens Huso

Choreographer: Tonya Aikens Huso

Sound Effects: Rob Reins

Set Designers: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins

Costumers: Eric R. Jensen, Janice Jensen, and Abby Shelley

Sound & Light Tech: Kaz Sandberg

Prop Designers: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins

Stage Manager: Lindsay Simons

Website: Nic Brown, Dan Gillette, and Sandy Jensen

Playbill: Nic Brown, Sandy Jensen, and Jeff Driggs

Poster & Photos: Nic Brown

Box Office Staff and Volunteers: 
Sandy Hubble Jensen, Nola Camaliche, Thelma Rother, and Jeff Driggs

Front of House Leads:
Ed Rother, Thelma Rother, and Jeff Driggs

Concession Volunteers:
Lindsay Simons, Rachel Hunsaker, Tanya Walton, Audrey Lord, Roman Southwick, Pirate Anderson, Katie Whiteley, and Jonathon King

A Note from the Playwright:
Eric wishes you to sit back, relax, and enjoy Peta Pun, a show he wrote in the 80s… That’s right: he wrote this last century, but it still remains one of his and the community’s favorites of all time.

Laughing Stock Officers:
Aaron Bellis, Austinn Jensen, and Eric R. Jensen

Laughing Stock Improvisers:
Eric Jensen, Russ Peacock, Clarence Strohn, Logan Rogan, Jesse Parent, Zach Reynolds, Aaron Bellis, Jason Unruh, Bryan Dayley, Parker Abegg, Chris Harvey, Dory Peacock, Austinn Jensen, Chance Le Prey, and Scott Kramer

Laughing Stock Techs:
David Bellis and Amy Bensch

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Tonya Aikens Huso: Director

Pirates, mermaids, and a place where you never grow up. This idea has resonated with people for over a century. Whether you wanted to join the pirate crew or be a lost kid, we have all wished for an adventure every once in a while.

Now, Ever-Clever land is not your typical land and this is not your standard Peter Pan. Our mermaids are cunning, and the pirates are, well…you’ll see. The journey and message remain the same. It has been such an amazing opportunity working with this fantastic cast. This is the first show I have directed with the Off Broadway Theatre and it was a wonderful experience.

After much time on the other side of the stage as an actor, to direct a show was a new and welcome role. I thank the Off Broadway Theatre for creating such a welcoming space for all to learn and grow. A special thank you to Eric, Sandy, Jeff, and Rob: without you this show would not have happened. I also thank my family for their continued support through the years. Now, relax and enjoy your time in Ever-Clever Land. Catch some pixie dust, believe in fairies, and remember you are never too old to let your inner child out to have fun! 

Coming Soon!

April 1 – April 30

Thank You

for your support of
The Off Broadway Theatre

Special Thanks to Utah County Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP), the Utah Division of Arts and Museums, and all the individual donors and friends who give through the Network for Good on Facebook Birthday Campaigns and the Amazon Smile program, as well as to the Draper Historic Theatre board. Because of you, the OBT continues to bring the gift of laughter in 2022!


Peta Pun: Roman Southwick

Peta Pun: Robbie Easton

Captain Crook: Austinn Le Jensen

Atchmee: Eric Jensen

Jinglebells: Brent Peterson

Cindy: Sasha Southwick

Cindy: Abby Shelley

Mama/Crocky: Viveann Godwin

Stabsey: Teki Wolfgramm

Scurvy: Frida Cárdenas

Oceana: Starr Christensen

Oceana: Tanya Walton

Marina: Karlie Parrish

Atlantica: Dominique Morrison

Atlantica: Michelle Papaycik

Pacifica: Alexa Parrish

Pacifica: Audrey Lord

Michelle: Martha Rojas

Joann: Kendra Jones

Snapdragon: Connor McFarland

Babybreath: Max Peterson

Babybreath: Frida Lezcano

Hollyhocks: Tyson  Russell

Hollyhocks: Zakkary Christensen

Lugwarts: Madison Easton

Lugwarts: Masako Neeley


Sc. 1: The Nursery
Sc. 1 1/2: Flying Over The City
Sc. 2: Crook’s Ship
Sc. 3: Mermaids Encampment
Sc. 4: Pun’s Hideout
Sc. 5: Crook’s Ship

15-min Intermission

Sc. 1: Crook’s Ship
Sc. 2: Mermaids Encampment
Sc. 3: Crook’s Ship
Sc. 4: Pun’s Hideout
Sc. 5: Crook’s Ship


Boisterous Kids
Enter Flight
Fly Away
Peta Pun Is Not My Brother
Crocky Rock

It’s Gonna Be Me
The World Just Loves Peta Pun

Now Playing!

Saturdays @ 10 PM in Draper


Frida Cárdenas as Scurvy:

Frida started acting at the age of five. As a child and through high school she was part of many productions like Alice in Wonderland and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as well as many “Mexican Pastorelas” (Christmas Narrative plays).  Frida Was born in Mexico City and obtained a bachelor’s in psychology from Universidad del Valle de México. She appeared in The Book of Mormon Videos season 3 and contributed acting and directing plays for Centro Civico Mexicano in Salt Lake City.

Starr Christensen (Williamson) as Oceana:

Starr loves theatre! She recently played the Cowardly Lion in Draper Historic Theatre’s The Wizard of Oz, and she loved the opportunity to portray such a different character than she usually gets cast in. Starr is the executive producer on the Springville Theatre board and is always trying to plug for the “get Art City a playhouse again” movement (someone donate a building?!) Her son, Zakkary, is the only thing she adores more than theatre and he’s flippin hilarious. Starr can break an apple in half with her bare hands, haha. 

Robbie Easton as Peta Pun:

This will be Robbie’s second show with the OBT, and he’s happy that his sister Maddie will be in the show too! Having recently moved from Kansas he doesn’t have a lot of experience in Utah, so he is ecstatic that he has another opportunity to do another OBT show with his sister. Though Robbie might sound new to acting, he participated in many plays back in Kansas. He hopes you enjoy the show!

Viveann Godwin as Mama/Crocky:

Viveann has been working with community theater both as a performer (playing roles such as Mrs. Adams from Miracle on 34th Street and Etta from Sight Unseen) and behind the scenes for 13 years, but this will be her first show with the OBT. She is very excited to play the part of both “Mama” and “Crocky.” She has always loved being goofy, and these roles are a great opportunity to show her silly side.

Austinn Le Jensen as Captain Crook:

Austinn is excited to return to the stage! Having played a lost boy, Atchmee, and Peta Pun in previous productions of this show, he’s finally graduated to the twirly mustachioed, one-handed villain!  You may have seen him in The Importance of Being Earnest, A Murder is Announced, or some other show where he spoke in a British accent. Austinn is most excited to be performing with his father once more, and to honor those who came before him in the role. He hopes you laugh and that you do believe in fairies!

Eric Jensen as Atchmee:

This is Eric‘s one millionth play. Eric is one of the founders of the theater and has performed in everything. This is the third time Eric has played Atchmee, and it’s no wonder he loves the character so much: he gets to play the evil sidekick who is the dumbest dummy of all the dumb dumbs. He loves playing the less-than-intellectual parts, because perhaps it is typecasting and also you can see his inner child at work.

Kendra Jones as Joann:

Kendra is thrilled to come back to OBT for her ninth play! She has previously been Narc in Henry Botter vs. Dracula and Tiny Bird in Muffet’s Christmas Carol. Acting has been her greatest passion since she was nine, and she can’t wait to do more plays in the future! She has loved being a part of such a wonderful production and thanks all of her friends and family for their support.

Audrey Lord as Pacifica:

Audrey has been doing theatre since middle school. She has been involved in many productions at DHT and OBT, including Much Ado About Nothing, Dracula vs Henry Botter, and Littlest Mermaid. She is super excited to be playing Pacifica in this show!

Dominique Morrison as Atlantica:

Dominique is excited to be making her OBT debut! Although she looks a young 14, you’d be surprised to know she attends UVU in their acting BFA program. Some of her favorite past roles include Dora Bailey in Singin’ In The Rain, Dutchy in Is He Dead?, Clarice in King Stag, and Godot in Waiting for Godot. Dom can’t wait for you to sea the show: she’s shore you’ll love it!

Michelle Papaycik as Atlantica:

Professionally-taught triple non-threat, self-taught bad comedian Michelle J. Papaycik hails from the Jersey Shore, before she headed to the Sunshine State to make magic in (among other places) various movie- and mouse- themed parks. Most recently she has been seen as the Red Queen at Evermore Park and Krampus in Great Hall Theatrical’s A Krampus Karol.

Alexa Parrish as Pacifica:

Alexa is thrilled to finally be in an OBT production! She has loved coming to see her sister, Karlie, in a few of the OBT shows and now is stoked to be in one herself! Alexa hopes you will enjoy the show as much as she does and laugh as much as she has!

Karlie Parrish as Marina: 

Karlie was first seen at OBT as Dorrie in Wicked Wizard of Ahhhs last June–along with her dog, Cosette as Toad-O. (She tried to get Cosette to make an appearance in this show too…it didn’t happen). She was also in OBT’s production of The Importance of Being Earnest portraying Cecily last August. Some of her other favorite roles include Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz (DHT) and Alice in Alice in Wonderland (CHT).

Brent Peterson as Jinglebells:

Wow, it has been so long since Brent was last on the OBT stage. He now gets to do a show in Draper instead of driving to Salt Lake! Brent played Jingle in Peta Pun way back when Austinn Jensen was a lost boy! Now, he’s thrilled to be in the show again with his son, Max. Love to his wife, Misti, for all her support, and to his girls Avery and Lily!

Martha Rojas as Michelle:

Martha Rojas is a 9th grade alto who loves all things performing arts, and she is stoked to be in her first show with the Off Broadway Theatre! Her past experience includes productions called Fighter and All Together Now! Martha loves to meet new people everywhere and always be in a new project.

Abby Shelley as Cindy:

Abigail Shelley is very excited to be a part of Peta Pun and The Pirates as Cindy! She has been doing shows with the OBT for the past two years and has loved every minute of it. You may have recently seen her as Cecily Cardew in the OBT’s The Importance of Being Earnest or as Sandra Grey in Copper Hills High School’s production of Agatha Christie’s The Rats.

Roman Southwick as Peta Pun:

It’s Roman’s sixth show with the OBT! He was last seen in OBT’s The Grouch Who Stole Christmas. His favorite place next to Disneyland is the theater. He’s spent more than half of his life performing in shows and he loves it dearly. He loves his fellow cast members and thinks of them as family. When he’s not at the theater you can find him in the ballet studio, on a horse, playing piano or cello, riding 4-wheelers, or watching Disney movies.

Sasha Southwick as Cindy:

Sasha is a real go-getter! She loves theater, dance, and vocals and can’t wait to get to rehearsals each night. She knows almost every song from every musical on Broadway, and with a little luck she’ll be there with her name in lights singing them too! Sasha was last seen in OBT’s The Grouch Who Stole Christmas. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Tanya Walton as Oceana:

Tanya is so happy to be in Peta Pun again! She has been part of OBT productions off and on since 2011. Tanya has been onstage and passionate about theatre since she was small, and she’s very grateful for the home and lifelong friendships that the OBT provides. Thanks to husband Joe and daughter Grace for letting her come out to play! Special thanks to Tonya for being a wonderful director, steadfast & loyal friend, and granter of mermaid dreams!

Teki Wolfgramm as Stabsey:

Teki Wolfgramm is new to the Off Broadway Theatre. Other shows he’s been in are Peter and the Star-Catcher as Ted and In the Heights as Piragua Guy at Riverton High. He has also performed in shows at UVU, such as Hello Dolly! where he played Cornelius and The Wedding Singer where he played Grandma Rosie. He thanks his parents for being cool. 


Zakkary Christensen as Hollyhocks:

Six-year-old Zakkary recently made his on-stage debut in Draper Historic Theatre’s The Wizard of Oz as a flying monkey, and this monkey did so well! Z has, however, been near or on the stage as his mama’s little accessory since he was an infant. Zakkary’s hobbies offstage include anything spooky!

Madison Easton as Lugwarts:

Madison Easton is excited to perform in her second OBT show. She is performing with her brother Robert Easton who plays Peta Pun.

Frida Lezcano as  Babybreath:

Frida is an eight-year-old music lover. She participated in The Nutcracker twice and The Book of Mormon Videos season 3. She enjoys swimming and drawing.

Connor McFarland as Snapdragon:

Connor McFarland is 12 years old and loves drumming, mountain biking, skiing, collecting hot wheels, football, cars, and reptiles.  He has a pet Crested Gecko. He’s having so much fun debuting in his first OBT production!

Masako Neeley as Lugwarts:

Masako has loved acting since she can remember. This is her first show with OBT, and rehearsing and performing with this company has just been a blast for her! The cast has been working SUPER hard on this SUPER fun show. Masako hopes that you have some laughs, make some memories, and enjoy the show!

Max Peterson as Babybreath:

Max is so excited to finally be in an OBT production, but to add to that excitement, he gets to do the show with his dad! Max is funny, quirky, and perfect for the part of Babybreath and will give you big laughs!

Tyson  Russell as Hollyhocks:

This is Tyson’s third show with OBT. He loves being a part of this cast! Tyson loves to sing and dance. OBT always makes him laugh. His favorite character in Peta Pun is Crocky. Tyson is sure you’ll love her too! Enjoy the show!

BIOS (Stage Crew)

Kaz Sandberg – Sound & Light Tech for Peta Pun and the Pirates:

Her most recent credit was with Draper Historic Theatre where she played Antonella in Much Ado About Nothing. Other recent credits include playing a wife and guard in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Anime and Snuffy Marleyguss in Muffet’s Christmas Carol, as well as performing in Rockin’ Oldies and Quarantunes for DHT. Last year she was the stage manager for OBT’s The Littlest Mermaid. This will be Kaz’s eighth show since moving from Canada in 2006. She thanks her daughter and her wonderful husband for all of their love and support in making her dreams of being on stage again a reality.

Lindsay Simons- Stage Manager for Peta Pun and the Pirates:

This is Lindsay Simons’s first time as the stage manager of an Off Broadway Theatre play. Her first acting opportunity in an OBT production was this past November in The Grouch Who Stole Christmas. She thoroughly enjoyed doing that show with her son Pirate!  Lindsay is currently going to school at BYU and SLCC and is the student body president at SLCC this year. Thanks for supporting us!!

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Bing Fang, trustee and chair
Janet Gonzalez, trustee, secretary, and vice chair

Jim Morgan, trustee and past chair
Christopher Cheeney, trustee
Jeff Driggs, trustee
Ben Eddington, trustee
Sandy Hubble Jensen, trustee
Clarence Strohn, trustee
Kelly Wideman, trustee


Eric R. Jensen, Co-FounderArtistic & Technical Director
Sandy Hubble Jensen, Co-FounderExecutive Director
Bing Fang, Chief Financial Officer
Kevin Hicks, Treasurer
Kelly Wideman, Marketing Director


Aaron Bellis, consultant
Nic Brown, consultant
Austinn Jensen, consultant
Scott Hansen, consultant
Jeff Hunsaker, consultant
Daniel Gillette, consultat


Eric and Sandy are co-founders of the Off Broadway Theatre and Laughing Stock improv comedy troupe. They have worked closely over the past 26 years, dedicating much of their time to building and growing the Off Broadway Theatre. They have been married for 30 years and have one son, Austinn, who has grown up acting in numerous OBT and other productions.

Eric, the artistic and technical director for the OBT, grew up in Murray, Utah. He received his bachelor’s degree in theater arts at the University of Utah and his master’s degree in secondary education at the University of Phoenix. As executive producer and lead playwright, director, set designer, costumer, actor, and improviser, he guides many aspiring talents at the OBT. He teaches improv classes while mentoring up-and-coming playwrights, directors, stage managers, and set designers. His acting, writing, and directing experience has also been featured at Desert Star, Centre Point Legacy, Hale (both Orem and West Valley), and Egyptian theaters. He has taught and performed high school workshops and elementary school assemblies, as well as for some after school programs. Eric also teaches K – 6 as a fine arts specialist  in the Davis School District, inspiring children to love theatre, music, dance, and all things art. Under Eric’s leadership, OBT won the Best Community Theatre award from the Utah Theatre Association in 2000, recognizing the quality of the theatre and Eric’s work with high schools and the community.

Sandy serves as the executive director of the theatre, as well as executive producer, box office manager, and social media specialist, with more than 30 years of experience in small business management. She has an extensive acting background, including the OBT, Hale Centre Theatre WVC, The Grand Theatre, Sundance Theatre, Salt Lake Acting Company, Pages Lane, and Stage Right Theater. Sandy continues to work tirelessly to grow volunteer opportunities at the OBT. She was born in Vietnam and has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, with endorsements in ESL, STEM, and Gifted. She teaches 1st grade in the Davis School District. She has earned two Presidential Awards for Volunteering and has been recognized in Who’s Who of America.   

The Off Broadway Theatre has been said to have a feel of “family,” and that’s because it is. Eric and Sandy’s mission has always been to provide a place where people can come together and make laughter ring true and provide a safe place to hone skills and develop friendships. Through the art of live performances, the theatre has reached many new friends, and its charitable outreach program has provided wonderful opportunities to serve our community. 

Eric and Sandy also co-founded Laughing Stock Improv and have performed together on the OBT stage as well as at corporate and  school events. They are proud to have such a long-running improv show with some amazingly talented improvisers who have been with the company for a long time.

Thank you for your many years of support and patronage at the Salt Lake downtown location, and for following us here to Draper. Please continue to donate to help us forge another 25+ years of spreading laughter in Utah! Go to www.theOBT.org to donate today.