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Thank you for your support of The Off Broadway Theatre

Special thanks to the Sorenson Legacy Foundation, Zoo Arts and Parks (ZAP), the Fang Family Foundation, and all the individual donors and friends who gave through the Network for Good on Facebook Birthday Campaigns, as well as to the Draper Historic Theatre Board. Because of you, the OBT continues to bring the gift of laughter in 2021!

The Off Broadway Theatre Company and Sorenson Legacy Foundation proudly present: The Littlest Mermaid


Executive Producers: Sandy Hubble Jensen & Eric R. Jensen
Playwright & Director: Eric R. Jensen
Lyricist: Eric R. Jensen
Producers: Jim Morgan & Jeff Driggs
Choreographers: Sebastian Smith and Eric R. Jensen
Stage Managers: Kaz Sandberg and Ethan Woirhaye
Set Designers: Eric R. Jensen, Rob Reins, and James Nelson
Costumers: Eric R. Jensen, Janice Jensen, and Katie Whitely
Sound & Light Tech: James Nelson and Rob Reins
Musical Arrangements and Compositions: Dave Cooke
Music and Sound Effects: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins
Digital Backdrop Projection Design: Rob Reins and James Nelson
Musical Recordings: Rob Reins
Prop Designers: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins
Website: Dan Gillette, Nic Brown, and Sandy Jensen
Playbill: Nic Brown, Sandy Jensen, and Jeff Driggs
Poster & Photos: Nic Brown

Box Office: Sandy Hubble Jensen, Nola Camaliche, Megan Leonard, & Thelma Rother

Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Leonard

House Managers: Ed Rother, Thelma Rother, Jonathan King, Wendy Gilbertson, Jackson Maestas, and Manda Lujan

Concession Volunteers: Megan Leonard, Lee Wailes, Rachel Hunsaker, Marlo Anderson, Jeannie Southwick, Lindsay Simons, Michelle Thompson, Amy Bouck, Roman Southwick, Sasha Southwick, Liz and Bob Halloran, Brescia Hanson, and Jeff Driggs.

Marketing Team: Jodi Miller, Aaron Hall, Jenna Hall, Denise Hassett, Chris Kennedy, Megan Leonard, Thelma Rother, Ed Rother, Sandy Hubble Jensen, Dory Peacock, Eric Jensen, and Jeff Driggs

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April 2 – May 1

Eric Jensen as King Neptune

Sasha Southwick and Audrey Lord as Muriel

Roman Southwick and Jagger Weichers as Derek

Katie Whiteley as Usana

Sebastian Smith as Maverick/Gill

Emi Farmer as Coralee

Abby Shelley and Jessica Duncan as Daphne

William Hunt and Boston Smith as Crabsworth

Juliet Wendels and Emily Mouritsen as Ms. Agnes

Jessica Andrews as Finny

William Hunt as King Neptune Understudy

Sadie Wendels as Coralee Understudy

Jerusha Thelin and Mallory Thelin as Bugsy

Ellie Haymond and Zuma Anderson as Chum

Carter Whiteley and Kate Haymond as Guppy


Sc. 1: Underwater Seascape
Sc. 2: Surface Ocean and Pier
Sc. 3: Muriel’s Cave
Sc. 4: The Ocean Surface/Underwater Seascape
Sc. 5: Usana’s Lair

15-min Intermission

Sc. 1: Half Beach/Half Ocean
Sc. 2: Restaurant
Sc. 3: Romantic Ocean Scenery
Sc. 4: Muriel’s Cave
Sc. 5: Seashore Wedding/Dark Waves


Part Of That Wharf
Villains Song
Underneath The Sea
Beastie Rap
Usana’s Good To You
Spell—Part Of That Wharf
Usana’s Good To You (reprise)

She’s Got Legs
Looka Da Girl & Kiss Her
Part Of That Wharf (reprise)
Underneath The Sea (reprise)

Coming Soon!

10 PM at the Draper Historic Theatre


Jessica Andrews as Finny

Jessica is so excited to be doing another show with the OBT. She was most recently seen in Muffet’s Christmas Carol and Cutie and the Beast. She has learned so much from the theater and is improving her skills with every show. She has always loved singing and making people laugh. She was involved in several music programs at the University of Utah while pursuing her degree in civil engineering. Her hobbies include karaoke and fire dancing. She has performed at Prohibition, Millcreek Theater, and Sandy Amphitheatre.

Jessica Duncan as Daphne

Jessica is excited to perform for OBT again here at the Draper Historic Theater. Most recently has performed in the “Rockin Oldies” show and “A Christmas Carol” at the Draper Historic Theatre. You may also remember her as the notorious Rita La Porta in Lucky Stiff, last year at DHT. She has additionally performed in numerous productions at Scera Center for the Arts, Outdoor Scera Shell, and Lehi Arts Center. During the day, she teaches 6th grade at Granger Elementary in West Valley. She thanks the cast and crew for this opportunity and her family and friends for their continuous love and support. Enjoy the show!

Emi Farmer as Coralee

This is Emi’s second OBT play. She goes to American Prep and is in 8th grade. She loves Latin, playing the clarinet, and chicken pot pies, so if you put one backstage… you know who took it. By the way, she really is the smart sister. It’s not an act.

William Hunt as Crabsworth and King Neptune Understudy

William is excited to be back on stage with so many incredibly fun and talented people! He was last seen at OBT in Cutie and the Beast as Candlemon. When not rehearsing or performing, William enjoys activities such as kayaking, playing pickleball, singing, and eating microwave popcorn. He also recently started a massage therapy business. Thank you, friends, family, and community for keeping theatre alive!

Eric Jensen as King Neptune, Director and Choreographer:

Eric has been doing plays since 1989, starting at Desert Star Playhouse and also at the Hale Centre Theatre in South Salt Lake. He worked at Desert Star for the next five years and then founded and operated with his lovely wife, Sandy, the Off Broadway Theatre for 25 years in downtown Salt Lake City. He has written more than 40 plays, including Shakespeare parodies and straight comedies, and his shows have been performed all over the state as well as in different parts of the country. 

As the director and the writer of this play, he has painstakingly spent hours researching aquatic jokes and Mermaid lore, and has come up with the funniest brand of a mermaid tale possible. (At least possible for him.) He appreciates the hard work that this talented cast has put in to bring his story to life. Their support and dedication will shine, and he’s been impressed with their flexibility of working around COVID-19 concerns and issues.  

In these trying times that are so troubling and difficult, with turmoil in the presidency, a raging pandemic, and a myriad of other problems, it’s nice to sit back, relax, and laugh at something that is innocent and fun. So please enjoy The Littlest Mermaid.

Audrey Lord as Muriel

This is Audrey’s debut with the Off Broadway Theatre! She started getting involved in theatre in junior high and has been hooked ever since. Some of her favorite shows she has been in include Once Upon a Mattress, Alice in Wonderland, and Quarantunes! She is super excited to be playing the role of Muriel in this production!

Emily Mouritsen as Ms. Agnes

Emily is so thankful to return to the stage with this production. She enjoyed being involved in theater productions in high school and college. She studied theater at NAU. Previously, her favorite role was Mrs. Aims in Heaven Can Wait, and she loved being stage manager for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Her favorite role these days is being a mom to Abbi (5) and Ollie (3). A special shoutout to Tristan for being a supportive husband.

Abby Shelley as Daphne

Abigail Shelley is thrilled to be a part of The Littlest Mermaid with the Off Broadway Theatre! It is her second show with OBT, but she plans on doing a lot more. She would like to thank her mom for always being there and supporting her through her dreams.

Boston Smith as Crabsworth

Since performing as Linus Van Pelt in his sixth grade production of You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown, Boston Smith has been performing nonstop in roles such as Sir Toby Belch in Twelfth Night, Mr. Collins in Pride and Prejudice, and Elbow in William Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure. Having recently graduated from Snow College with an associate of science degree as a theatre major, Boston makes his debut on the OBT stage and outside the scholastic world as Crabsworth. You can also find Boston on Twitter @bostonianposts

Sebastian Smith as Maverick/Gill and Choreographer

Sebastian is a local Salt Lake comedian who has been acting, directing, choreographing, and writing comedy since he was 15. Some of his more recent OBT shows have been Cutie and the Beast (2020), Dracula vs. The  Adamns Family (2019 and 2020), Star Ward (2019), Hamleton (2019), and Downton Dead (2019). Sebastian considers himself a student of comedy, and he dreams to create and produce cartoons. He will be directing The Wicked Wizard of Ahhs at OBT this year and hopes you will all come see it.

Roman Southwick as Derek

This is Roman’s fourth show with the OBT!  He was in Cutie and the Beast, Dracula vs. The Adamns Family, Muffet’s Christmas Carol and now The Littlest Mermaid.  He loves theater, and when he’s not looking for his socks, shoes, underwear, Disney t-shirts, pants, or pretty much everything he owns except his head because luckily it’s attached or otherwise he’d be looking for that too…. he’s there! He also really loves Disney. ANYTHING Disney. He enjoys making people laugh and hopes you enjoy the show!

Sasha Southwick as Muriel

This is Sasha’s second show with the OBT.  You may have seen her in Dracula vs. The Adamns Family this past Halloween. She is a real go-getter! Mostly because she makes her brother go-get her everything she wants! Seriously though, she loves theater and can’t wait to get to rehearsals each night.  Sasha knows almost every song from every musical on Broadway, and with a little luck she’ll be singing them there, too, with her name in lights!

Jagger Weichers as Derek

Jagger Weichers is excited to be part of OBT. He loves everything about the theatre and has been in more than 18 productions! He has been in COPA, One Voice Children’s Choir, and Acapella club, and was a finalist at his school’s ‘American Idol’ contest. Thanks for coming to the show and supporting community theatre.

Sadie Wendels as Coralee Understudy

Sadie Wendels is a 12-year-old who enjoys being involved in theater any time she can. She has been in multiple plays at Draper Historic Theater, including Peter Pan Jr. as a mermaid and an Indian, a school child in A Christmas Carol, and an ensemble player in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Sadie enjoys spending time with friends and family, and doing plays with her amazing mom.

Juliet Wendels as Ms. Agnes

This is Juliet’s third show with the OBT.  You may have seen her in Dracula vs. The Adamns Family and Muffet’s Christmas Carol.  She has been performing for more than 20 years and has been in many different plays, including Annie, Grease, Into the Woods, Singing in The Rain, and A Christmas Carol. She has also played an extra in various Lifetime and Hallmark movies. She hopes this production will make you laugh and help you to feel some light-heartedness during these uncertain times. Enjoy the show!!

Katie Whiteley as Usana

Katie Whiteley is making her OBT  debut. She loves everything about theater. She has been seen in Riverton Arts Council’s production of Urinetown and as a silly girl in Beauty and the Beast. More recently she performed in DHT’s A Christmas Carol as Lamplighter and as Kate, the nephew’s wife. Katie thanks OBT for this amazing opportunity and thanks her amazing husband who backs her up in all her theater dreams. She hopes you enjoy the play.

BIOS (Children’s Cast)

Zuma Anderson as Chum

This is Zuma’s first play with the Off Broadway Theatre, and she loves it here! Her dream role is any princess! Zuma excels at school and is the best oldest sister in the world. Zuma wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She is grateful for the opportunity to be back on the DHT stage. Zuma wants to thank her family for their support! 

Ellie Haymond as Chum

Ellie is delighted to be part of the Off Broadway Theatre cast for The Littlest Mermaid, her first role with OBT!  Previously, you may have seen Ellie at the Draper Historic Theatre playing Little Ti Moune in Once on This Island, Jr. (2019) and in Peter Pan Jr. (2018) and Annie (2018).  She also participated in the Peter Pan Jr. production at the Copperview Rec Center in 2019.  Ellie is a 2nd grader at Peruvian Park Elementary and loves creative art projects, her friends, and dancing!

Kate Haymond as Guppy

Kate is extremely excited to be part of this OBT production of The Littlest Mermaid!  She loves theater and previously performed at the Draper Historic Theater in Oliver! (2019), Once On This Island, Jr. (2019), Peter Pan Jr. (2018), and Annie (2018).  She also has performed at the Copperview Rec Center in their production of Peter Pan Jr. (2019).  Kate loves dancing—specifically tap, ballet and jazz.  She also participated last year in the Hale Centre Theatre STARS Children’s Choir.  Kate loves hanging out with friends and her bunny, Duke.

Jerusha Thelin as Bugsy

This is Jerusha’s debut with the Off Broadway Theatre. She is like a “weird tall Giraffe eating nachos.” Please enjoy!

Mallory Thelin as Bugsy

This is Mallory’s debut with the OBT, and she is so excited to perform on stage with her sister Jerusha. She attends American Preparatory Academy. Mallory loves chocolate, fluffy socks, and anything spicy, sweet or sour.  She hopes you enjoy the show!

Carter Whiteley as Guppy

Carter Whiteley is so excited to be here performing with OBT. He may be new to theater but he is enjoying every minute of it. He recently finished performing in DHT’s A Christmas Carol. Enjoy the show.

BIOS (Stage Crew)

James Nelson – Sound & Light Tech 

This is James’s second show doing tech with the OBT. His first show was Dracula vs. The Adamns Family. When not at the theater, he can be found playing Dungeons and Dragons, drawing, or playing the guitar.

Kaz Sandberg – Stage Manager 

This is Kaz’s second show with OBT, and she is super excited. Most recently she played Anime and Snuffy Marleyguss in Muffet’s Christmas Carol for OBT. She also performed in DHT’s Rockin’ Oldies last month and Quarantunes in June, and is in the cast of the upcoming Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. This will be Kaz’s sixth show since moving from Canada in 2006. She would like to thank her daughter and her amazing friends from OBT and DHT for all of their love and support in making her dreams of being on stage again a reality.

Ethan Woirhaye – Stage Manager

This is Ethan’s first show for OBT. He was last in the cast of Rockin Oldies for DHT. He went to film school in 2004 and has enjoyed performing. Ethan would like to thank his friends and family for all of the love and support they have shown him over the years.


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