*** The videotaping or other video or audio recording of this production is strictly prohibited.***

Eric Jensen’s Director’s Notes:

Here we are. Our second production outside of the Clift Building. We knew it was going to be difficult producing shows outside of our 25-year home, but no one told me it would be THIS difficult.

We decided to bring back one of our strongest comedies of all time, Cutie and the Beast, and our talented cast and crew have been constantly checking temperatures, wearing masks, cleaning surfaces, and evaluating and re-evaluating whether we should even be producing shows or not. In the end, we consulted with an epidemiologist who gave us conditions that would make our production of Cutie and the Beast at its lowest risk possible. So we are doing all of those things to try to bring entertainment to patrons along the Wasatch Front without putting our cast and crew at risk, and keeping our audiences safe.

We’ve received emails, texts, and instant messages pleading with us to please go back to work and do something to lighten the morale of Utahns in a safe manner. So that is exactly what we intend to do.

Please sit back, strap on your mask, and let’s enjoy a fun evening together, safely. You’re not going to believe this…but we can hear you through your masks, so laugh as hard as you’d like.

Thank You!

Thank you for your support of The Off Broadway Theatre

The Off Broadway Theatre Company thanks all our generous donors as well as the Draper Historic Theatre for partnering with us and providing the OBT with a new space to perform our shows.

We’d also like to thank and recognize Jeannie Southwick for her kindness and generosity in allowing our cast to use her dance studio for rehearsals and photo shoot.

Cutie and the Beast is possible because of the love and support of many friends like you!


Executive Producers: Sandy Hubble Jensen & Eric R. Jensen
Playwright and Director:
Eric R. Jensen
Lyricist: Eric R. Jensen
Musical Director: Jessica Benson
Choreographers: Sebastian Smith and Eric R. Jensen
Stage Manager: Lee Wailes
Stage Manager Intern: Keenan Shafer
Set Designers: Eric R. Jensen and Rob Reins
Costumers: Eric R. Jensen and Janice Jensen
Sound & Light Tech: Lucy Myers
Music & Sound Effects: Eric R. Jensen, Oscar Andersen, and Rob Reins
Musical Recordings: Rob Reins
Backdrop Projections: Lucy Myers
Prop Designers: Eric R. Jensen, Clint Lehmberg, and Rob Reins
Website: Dan Gillette, Nic Brown, and Sandy Jensen
Playbill: Nic Brown, Sandy Jensen, and Jeff Driggs
Poster: & Photos Nic Brown

Box Office: Sandy Hubble Jensen, Nola Camaliche, Megan Leonard, and Thelma Rother

Volunteer Coordinator: Megan Leonard

House Managers: Ed Rother, Thelma Rother, Jonathon King, Wendy Gilbertson, Jackson Maestas, and Manda Lujan

Concession Volunteers: Megan Leonard, Dann Goff, Ed Rother, Thelma Rother, Sally Rother, Zachary Rother, Jason Rother, Jonathon King, Dan McClellan, Jackson Maestas, Lee Wailes, Manda Lujan, Marlo Anderson, Jeannie Southwick, Michelle Thompson, and Amy Bouck

Marketing Team: Jodi Miller, Scott Macdonald, Aaron Hall, Jenna Hall, Denise Hassett, Chris Kennedy, Megan Leonard, Thelma Rother, Ed Rother, Sandy Hubble Jensen, Dory Peacock, Eric Jensen, and Jeff Driggs

Coming Soon!

October 3 – November 7

Austinn Jensen as Beast/Prince
Jennica Henderson as Belle
Sebastian Smith as Gustaaf
Eric R. Jensen as Lagoof
Jeff Driggs as Uncle Otis
Jessica Andrews as Clockson
William Hunt as Candlemon
Briér DePriest as Featherstaff
Kyra Furman as Kettlesworth
Emma Thomas as Fran Dresser
Aimee Mcphie as Villager & Ensemble
Roman Southwick as Villager & Ensemble

Morgan Renee Thompson and Emi Farmer as Nick
Tristen Jones and Pierce Jones as Notch
Aurora Gibson and Kendra Jones as Crack


Sc. 1: Opener
Sc. 2: Simplevale
Sc. 3: Wolf Forest
Sc. 4: Beast Castle
Sc. 5: Simplevale
Sc. 6: Beast Castle

10-min Intermission

Sc. 1: Beast Castle/Library
Sc. 2: The Pub
Sc. 3: Wolf Forest
Sc. 4: Beast Castle


Good Morning Elle
Take A Guess

Cutie and the Beast
Gustaaf’s the One
We’re Gonna Kill the Beast
Miss That Beast


Jessica Andrews as Clockson

Jessica is so excited to be making her OBT debut. She has always loved singing and making people laugh. She was involved in several music programs at the University of Utah while pursuing her degree in civil engineering. Her hobbies include karaoke and fire dancing. She has performed at Prohibition, Millcreek Theater, and, most recently, Sandy Amphitheatre. “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere!”

Briér DePriest as Featherstaff

Brier is excited to be performing in her first production with OBT! Even though it might be her first time performing  as a feather duster, this isn’t the first time she’s dusted off her musical talent. She has been in several productions all around the U.S., including Into the Woods (Rapunzel), The Music Man (Zaneeta Shinn), Pirates of Penzance (Alice), and Thoroughly Modern Millie (Ruth). She moved to Orem last August to study at UVU for a music education/theater degree and has loved all of the opportunities this area has had to offer.

Jeff Driggs as Uncle Otis

Jeff has been acting longer than almost any two other members of this cast have been alive, combined, but that doesn’t mean he’s any good at it. OBT is the only theatre that will cast him these days, so he’s glad to have them around when he gets the acting bug once or twice a decade. His previous appearances here were in Annie of Aquamarine Gables and It’s a Wondrous Life. Hi, Payton! Bring Maverick next time!

Kyra Furman as Kettlesworth

Lights. Glamour. Kyra. William Shakespeare might be the Bard, but the woman he envisioned is enshrined in Kyra Furman. Trained Diva, she recently graduated from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s in vocal performance. She was recently cast at Hale Centre Theatre as Flora in Phantom. Popsicle addict, nap enthusiast, and cat mom, you can be certain that this is not the last time you’ll see her in the limelight.

Jennica Henderson as Belle

Jennica is so excited to be back on the OBT stage for Cutie and the Beast—Elle est ravie et honorée beaucoup! Some of her most beloved roles include Wednesday Addams (The Addams Family), Claire Ganz (Rumors), Constance Bonacieux (The Three Musketeers) and Gertrude in OBT’s Hamleton last fall. She is eternally thankful for the support of her beloved friends and family and for everyone who has helped her hone her passion for acting and encourages her love of the world around her. Enjoy the show and a night full of laughter!

William Hunt as Candlemon

William was last seen performing in the Off Broadway Theatre Company’s production of Hamleton. He is excited to be back again for a new season, this time lighting up the stage. In addition to live theater, William loves to sing, spend time with friends and family, and further his education both as a massage therapist and business entrepreneur. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support and encouragement. Enjoy the show!

Austinn Jensen as Beast

Austinn is pleased to be playing Beast once more in this beloved parody.  He loves having a hard workout, taking adventurous hikes, running Spartan Races, and playing video games with his friends in his downtime.  He was last seen as Hamlet in the OBT’s parody of Hamilton called Hamleton.  When he isn’t working, he enjoys walks with his dog QTPi and her little brother Chuwee. Next on his bucket list is going to college, working toward a degree in physical therapy.

Eric Jensen as LaGoof

Eric has been performing in plays at the Off Broadway Theatre for over 25 years. Before that, for the first five years, he worked at Hale Centre Theatre WVC. He was also an actor, director, and playwright at Desert Star Playhouse for six years. In 1994, he and his wife, Sandy, became co-founders of the Off Broadway Theatre, and since then he has directed and produced at OBT and for many other theaters in the valley.  He wishes to thank his lovely family, Sandy and Austinn for their patients and working with him on this venture.

Aimee McPhie as Villager/Ensemble

Aimee is thrilled to be a part of yet another OBT production. She started with OBT as Violet Bick in 2019’s It’s a Wondrous Life, and helped out as the make-up artist and an alien in 2020’s Star Ward. She started theatre performing in high school and enjoyed great roles in many productions. She is working toward being a singer/songwriter, but her love for theatre never waivers, especially in these hilarious productions at the OBT. Aimee has come to consider the OBT as a second family.

Sebastian Smith as Gustaaf and Assistant Director

Sebastian is a local actor/comedian/writer. This is his 10th show at the OBT, his most recent being Star Ward, It’s a Wondrous Life, Dracula vs. The Adamns Family, and Hamleton (and all but one of the shows in the 2019 OBT season). He’s excited to work alongside such a talented and supportive cast. Sebastian thanks all those who have supported him this last year through his various roles and achievements. He wouldn’t be who he is today without the support and love of his friends, family, and this theater, all of whom mean the world to him. “Love you. guys.”

Roman Southwick as Villager/Ensemble

This is Roman’s debut with OBT, but not on Draper Historic Theatre’s stage.  Roman’s favorite place, next to Disneyland, is the theater. He’s spent more than half of his life performing in shows, and he loves it dearly. His favorite roles include Chip from Beauty and the Beast, young Tarzan, young Shrek, Artful Dodger, Flounder, March Hare, and so many more. He loves his fellow cast members and thinks of them as family. When he’s not at the theater you can find him in the ballet studio, on a horse, playing piano or cello, riding 4-wheelers, or watching Disney movies.

Emma Thomas as Fran Dresser

This is Emma’s second show at the OBT, having previously played Mary in It’s a Wondrous Life. She has also played such roles as Sister Mary Downy in Disaster, Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn in Music Man, and Juror Twelve in Twelve Angry Jurors at Empress Theatre, and M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias at LaForge Encore Theatre. She has a degree in theatre from SUU and a teaching degree from USU.

Morgan Renee Thompson as Nick

Morgan Renee Thompson has been acting in theatre since she was four. Some of her favorite roles were as Lee Lee in Bundle of Trouble at the Hale Centre Theatre and Chip in Beauty and the Beast at the Sandy Amphitheatre. This will be her fifth role with the Off Broadway Theatre Company, and she is thrilled to be cast with such wonderful and talented friends. She thanks her family for all of their love and support as they help her pursue her dream.

Emi Farmer as Nick

This is Emi’s debut with the OBT.  She is 13 years old and loves acting and chicken pot pies. She has been in Annie, Seussical, and James and the Giant Peach Jr. Emi is excited to be a part of the OBT!

Aurora Gibson as Crack

Aurora is excited to be back with the OBT team. When not rehearsing or performing, she enjoys reading, sketching, outdoor activities, and spending time with friends. She thanks her family, friends, and all of you for supporting her and the Off Broadway Theatre Company.

Kendra Jones as Crack

This is Kendra’s sixth play at the OBT, and second time in Cutie and the Beast. She is delighted to be back, especially with her best friends Emi and Vennela. When Kendra isn’t acting, she is writing, singing, baking, biking, or laughing with her friends. She hopes you enjoy the play as much as she does.

Pierce Jones as Notch

Pierce is 9 years old. He is always telling jokes or making funny faces. He will do almost anything to make people laugh. He loves his dog, Gracie.

Tristen Jones as Notch

Tristen is 10 years old. He enjoys playing games and building Legos. He loves sports and likes to read. He is excited to be on stage again.


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Jim Morgan, trustee and chair
Marc Lunt, trustee and vice chair
Janet Gonzalez, trustee and secretary
Jeff Driggs, trustee
Bing Fang, trustee
Sandy Hubble Jensen, trustee
Clarence Strohn, trustee


Eric R. Jensen, Artistic & Technical Director
Sandy Hubble Jensen, Executive Director
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Scott Macdonald, Marketing Director
Megan Leonard, Volunteer Coordinator


Aaron Bellis, consultant
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