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Hunger Game of Thrones
January 16th - February 21st
Our winter production takes place in a strange land where hunger is common; a hunger for food, for power and betrayal. This G-rated family friendly show follows the tale of a beautiful female archer who not only brings peace to her homeland, but thwarts corrupt tyrant kings who have illegally and villainously usurped the throne. This sharp funny comedy will hit the bull’s-eye with you and yours.

Indianapolis Jones
March 6th - April 11th
This side splitting adventure comedy follows treasure hunting Indianapolis Jones, through foreign shrines, caves and an evil temple (not on Evil Temple Square) in search of Pandora's Box. He joined by his Asian sidekick and his bumbling old father encounter Thuggees, sadistic Nazis and one gigantic rolling rock. But all will be well... unless there are snakes.... why did it have to be snakes?!!! Back by popular demand.

The Revengers
May 1st - June 6th
Hey, do you like superheroes? Do you like adventure? Do you like villainous gods who come to rule the earth in fear and terror? Well if you liked that last one, you really need to get some help. Seek it immediately. This musical comical parody written by Rob MacArthur, tells the story of a group of American superheroes who fight mythological gods, and hopefully come out on top... gods bless America.

The Compleat Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
June 19th - July 18th
I know, you're thinking, "Finally a boring serious show at the OBT that we can turn up our noses at!" Well no such luck... This side splitting comedy written by Adam Long, Daniel Singer, and Jess Winfield, parodies all of William Shakespeare's plays, in just less than two hours. After watching this you'll want to laugh, you'll wish for more, you'll wish you paid attention in English class. A hilarious romp.

Jurassic Park City
August 7th - September 12th
What happens when a Dinosaur theme Park opens in Park City Utah, and the dinosaurs attack the customers? Horror, fear, terror... hilarity. This new comedy written by Eric R. Jensen will feature dinosaurs that walk and talk. (Unfortunately, the Utah-raptor will say "fetch, flip, and Oh my HECK" a lot) This wacky comedy is going to be a must see for children and families, so get your tickets early!/p>

Breaking Vlad
September 25th – October 31st
A new spoof written by Logan Rogan features a mild mannered chemist Vlad Tepes who contracts vampirism. He fears his desires to bite his family. Luckily he invents a synthetic blood which seems to give him super strength, but attracts gangs of rival monsters who also want the manufactured blood. This non-violent, family-friendly comedy has all kinds of spooky silly Halloween fun, perfect for the entire family.

The Grouch Who Stole Christmas
November 20th – December 26th
Twas the day before Christmas in the Yayhoos small world. They practiced Christmas songs, each boy and girl. They prepped for the holiday, a worthwhile endeavor. They lived upon SUESSame Street, ain't that clever? True the Yayhoos loved Christmas, the big and the small. But one Green Grouchy Monster didn't like it at all. This fun filled Christmastime production brings all your favorite children's television shows together.

Laughing Stock Improv Comedy
Utah's longest running improv comedy troupe, performs every Friday and Saturday night @ 10:00pm. Check our website >>>


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